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Why convert your product into a liquid or gel?

Trends in marketplace show that consumers are looking for products in packaging forms that promote ease of use and convenience. Single serve tear-top pouches are an ideal flexible packaging format to deliver convenience to the consumer and capitalize on this growing trend.


What kind of products can IFP fill?

Innovative FlexPak specializes in horizontal form, fill, and seal packaging with hot-fill capabilities. Some of the products we package include nutraceutical supplements, fruit purees, energy or protein gels, juices, honey, syrup, etc… We also have in-line bottling equipment for liquids.


Can IFP help with my artwork needs for the pouch and display cartons?

Innovative FlexPak works with state-of-art printing houses that provide print templates for film and cartons. Our partnership with our suppliers will provide you with advice and counsel that results in a high quality design while considering efficient manufacturing.


Is it possible to design and create a unique pouch shape?

The equipment used to form and seal the pouch allow for a partial or full body shape design. Innovative FlexPak will work with your design and die manufacturers to create compatible dies to meet your branding goals.


What are the possible fill volumes for tear-top pouches?

The fill volume of the pouch is dependent upon the product. We generally fill tear-top pouches from 5 mL to 60 mL. Please contact IFP to help determine the appropriate size for your pouch.


Can product be NSF certified?

Yes. Innovative FlexPak will work with you and NSF to certify that the ingredients and product meet NSF standards.


Can we tour your facility?

Innovative FlexPak encourages our customers to come tour and visit the facility. We take pride in our team and facility and believe it is important to see what makes Innovative FlexPak a high quality operation.  Please contact IFP to arrange time to visit the facility and see our team in action.


Can you produce Kosher products?

Yes. IFP has dedicated blending and filling equipment that is Kosher certified. IFP can certify non-Kosher production lines on a per-manufacturing run basis if necessary.


Can your company assist with product formulation?

We are one of the few contract packaging facilities with an in-house lab and fully equipped R&D department. If you need optimization or adjustments to an existing product, or have a concept, our R&D team will provide you a solution for your formula and help make your product a reality.